Our History

KAM BIOTECHNOLOGY LTD. was founded by Mr. Mongi Ferchichi in 1981 as a research and development company. Two areas of expertise were pursued: Bioremediation technology and the development and commercialization of ecologically-sound products and technologies based on biological additives.

KAM Biotechnology team members are multi-discipline trained scientists, experts in all fields of bio-remediation technology. Though simple by definition, bioremediation is actually very complex, requiring expertise in a variety of areas including microbiology, biochemistry, hydrogeology, engineering and applied chemistry. Correctly carried out however, biotechnology offers a cost-effective, natural and non-intrusive way to remediate contaminated soils and wastewater.

KAM Biotechnology team are multi-discipline trained scientists experts in all fields of bio-remediation technology. They are able to offer a complete range of bio-remediation services including:


In addition to providing clients with bioremediation technologies and environmental expertise, KAM Biotechnology Ltd. manufactures a variety of ecologically-sound, biochemical cleaners, degreasers, and biosolvents. These products have been used in a wide spectrum of industries as a means of minimizing atmospheric emissions, controlling the production of waste, and ensuring clean operations. Use of KAM products allows companies to stay competitive while still living up to their environmental responsibilities.

KAM's Biological Cultures & Additives

KAM Biotechnology produces over 160 different biological additive blends, each of which has been formulated to breakdown specific organic compounds under aerobic and anaerobic environment.

Why KAM cultures?

KAM cultures have been selected and adapted to ensure high rate degradation of a variety of organic chemical contaminants. Naturally occurring microbes are first selected from the environment based on their innate abilities to degrade particular compounds.

The organisms are then trained or "adapted" not only to support a high load of the target compound, but also to use it as a primary food source. In using a compound as a food source, the bacteria completely metabolize it to non-hazardous end products including carbon dioxide and water. Once adapted, KAM cultures undergo rigorous testing and quality control. As a result, KAM'

s Cellozyme cultures are very efficient at carrying out their work, and consistently produce better results when used to decontaminate sites, clean-up hazardous spills, treat process wastewater and sludge, or in routine maintenance.

All cultures are adapted and bio-augmented to breakdown organics under extreme environment. They are adapted to promote a fast recovery during unexpected shock load and survive with or without oxygen. All Kam cultures are listed with ATCC, CDC and DSL.