Biocleaners & Disinfectants

KAM bio-cleaning products contains specific enzymes or microbial cultures specially selected to breakdown dirt, grease, and organic materials without the use of toxic chemicals.

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Our Biocleaning & Disinfectant Products



KAM-SHIELD 600 (Magic Glove), is a highly substantial, organic phospholipid complex made from pure natural safflower oil combined with 3 proteins extracted from pure coconut oil and several other valuable plants, that are compatible with the natural lipids found in the epidermal layers of the skin.

The formulation of KAM-SHIELD 600 (Magic glove) offers a combination of performance properties for personal and healthcare applications never before achieved with a non-chemical compound.

KAM-SHIELD 600 (Magic Glove) displays a broad spectrum activity at various concentrations. Its ability to protect and lubricate the skin is not adversely affected by anionic or non-ionic surfactants, or typical contaminants that commonly deactivate skin preservatives.

KAM-SHIELD 600 (Magic Glove), can be used to protect and shield the skin against UV light, acids, alkalis, harsh solvents, pesticides, herbicides, inks, dyes, paints, synthetic resins, and
many other harsh chemicals and pigments, highly corrosive to
the human skin. It is excellent when working with small parts,
when gloves may be burdensome.

  • Excellent protection for the skin, even under extreme conditions
  • Nontoxic, noncorrosive product
  • Contains skin moisturizer and emollients
  • Contains 100% natural compounds

KAM-SHIELD 600 is available in cases of 12 cans.

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