Institutional Line of Biological Products

KAM has developed a full line of cleansers and sanitizers that offer significant benefits over chemical solutions in health care, hospitality, and food industries. These environmentally safe products clean, degrease, disinfect, and eliminate odors on countertops, equipment, floors, and any porous or non-porous surface. In addition, many are classified as food-safe and can be used in food processing areas.

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Our Institutional Products



  • Cleans deeply and neutralizes odors at the source.
  • Exceptional penetrating performance for an ultradeep clean.
  • Extra-cellular peroxidase enzymes degrades organic matter for a deep cleaning action that leaves surfaces odourless.
  • Non corrosive.
  • Safe for the end user and the environment.
  • Biodegradable.

ENZA-FRESH is available in quantities of 1, 4, 20, 208, and 1000 liters.

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