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LACTOGOG 560 is a biological feed additive which mainly contains xylanase, protease, β-glucanase, cellulase, pectinase, and amylase. These useful enzymes can effectively break down anti-nutritional factors to enhance feed digestibility and improve the utilization ratio of feed, in a wide range of animals.

How it works?

LACTOGOG 560 is added into the feed. It destroys the plant cell walls by breaking down the middle lamella, allowing the nutrients to be fully released.
LACTOGOG 560 has a positive influence on the microbial balance in the gut and improves the viscosity of the gut at the same time.

Product Capabilities:

Increases daily weight gain and reduced feed conversion ratio.
Eliminates anti-nutritional factors, fully releases feed nutrients and enhances digestion.
Higher inclusion rates of viscosity reducing cereals and their by-products, thus reducing the total cost of the diet.
Reduced water-intake and better litter quality, and with layers, a reduction of dirty eggs.
Improves immunity and enhances anti-stress ability.
No pollution, no residues and environmental protection.

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