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BIO-ACCELERATOR 46 is the ideal replacement for liquid ammonia, urea, phosphoric acid and several other chemical fertilizers used as a supplement or nutrient source in all biological treatment systems.

BIO-ACCELERATOR 46 will provide the necessary nourishment for microorganisms. The product will furnish the required energy sources to maintain an excellent growth rate and promote better biological oxidation of organics.

Microorganisms require substrates with a specific nutrient composition in order to be efficiently productive and to undertake their much needed metabolic activity.

BIO-ACCELERATOR 46 contains the essential nutrients selected on the basis of their respective energy requirement.

BIOACCELERATOR 46 is a balanced source of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, vitamins and inorganic components.

BIOACCELERATOR 46 is available in quantities of 1, 4, and 25KG.

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