Oil & Gas Industry

The unique needs of oil and gas industries are met efficiently and effectively with biotechnology solutions from KAM. Specialized formulations of microbial cultures, bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients provide environmentally safe methods of tank cleaning, descaling, rust prevention, sludge and wastewater treatment, while maximizing oil recovery.

  • Wastewater treatment & waste minimization.
  • Sludge treatment in-situ and ex-situ.
  • Crude oil storage tank biocleaning and oil recovery.
  • Biological treatment of mercaptan.
  • Contaminated soild and water bioremediation.
  • Cooling tower treatment.

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Oil Wells:
  • Enhanced microbial oil recovery.
  • Sludge bioremediation and oil recovery.
  • Process water bioremediation.
  • Control of S.R.B (Sulphur Reducing Bacteria)

Our Oil & Gas Products



The use of BIO-SHIELD 1011 can be economically justified wherever corrosion occurs in a refinery. If the refinery stream contains water in combination with acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen chloride, carbon dioxide, sulfuric or sulfurous oxides with organic acids, BIO-SHIELD 1011 may be used. When the refinery stream contains acid salts or where refinery equipment is fouled with organic or inorganic depostis such as hydrocarbon sludges, corrosion products such as ammonium and sodium salts entrained with crude oil, the detergency and anti-fouling action of BIO-SHIELD 1011 can be very helpful.

All of the common metals used in refinery equipment, mild steel, stainless, monel and the like are successfully treated by BIO-SHIELD 1011. In some applications, where original equipment specifications were high and corrosion does not occur, BIO-SHIELD 1011 is being used to control fouling alone.

BIO-SHIELD 1011 can be used to control corrosion in the following areas: Distillation Towers; Fractionators; Absorbers; Strippers; Stabilizers; Gas Compressors; Condensers; Heat Exchangers; Cooling Towers; Reboilers; Preheaters; Product Coolers; Reflux Lines; Pumps; Accumulators; Reflux Drums.

BIO-SHIELD 1011 is available in quantities of 4, 20, 208, and 1000 liters.

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