Oil & Gas Industry

The unique needs of oil and gas industries are met efficiently and effectively with biotechnology solutions from KAM. Specialized formulations of microbial cultures, bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients provide environmentally safe methods of tank cleaning, descaling, rust prevention, sludge and wastewater treatment, while maximizing oil recovery.

  • Wastewater treatment & waste minimization.
  • Sludge treatment in-situ and ex-situ.
  • Crude oil storage tank biocleaning and oil recovery.
  • Biological treatment of mercaptan.
  • Contaminated soild and water bioremediation.
  • Cooling tower treatment.

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Oil Wells:
  • Enhanced microbial oil recovery.
  • Sludge bioremediation and oil recovery.
  • Process water bioremediation.
  • Control of S.R.B (Sulphur Reducing Bacteria)

Our Oil & Gas Products



Conventional methods for cleaning tanks can be costly, damaging to equipment, and dangerous to personnel. CELLOZYME 4001 offers an alternative technology that can significantly reduce problems associated with tank cleaning.

CELLOZYME 4001 accomplishes its tasks by utilizing two basic scientific principles: microbial paraffin processing and emulsion breaking capabilities.

CELLOZYME 4001 microorganisms use their natural metabolic activities to partially degrade paraffin and to promote solubilization and transport of compounds across the cell membrane. Because the cell surface of many of the bacteria actively adheres to hydrophobic surfaces, the demuslification properties of the bacterial suspensions are enhanced.

CELLOZYME 4001 is 100% natural (not genetically engineered), non-pathogenic, live bacteria that have been specifically selected and adapted for petroleum production problems.

CELLOZYME 4001 164 is available in quantities of 1, 4, 208, and 1000 liters.

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