KAM products for the clarification and disinfection of potable and groundwater use natural, environmentally safe components. These include biopolymer flocculants, stabilized chlorine dioxide, and enzymes, in specific formulations that effectively produce the desired results.

Our Potable and Groundwater Treatment Products Assist In:

  • Replacement of traditional flocculants and coagulants by a natural biopolymer.
  • Odor (such as H2S) and color removal.

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  • Disinfection of potable water using stabilized chlorine dioxide.
  • Bio-descaler for metalic and non-metalic scale.

Our Potable Water Treatment Products



CELLOZYME 2500 is an activator for all peroxidase enzymes.

CELLOZYME 2500 is the ideal product for deinking (DIP). It breakdown the organic fraction of the ink.

CELLOZYME 2500 can also be used for waste water treatment, soil bioremediation, cleaning and desinfection.

CELLOZYME 2500 is available in quantities of 1, 4, 208, and 1000 liters.

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